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Back to Poser, and creating dynamic cloth in Blender

The purpose of this article is to document my exploration of creating¬†dynamic cloth in Blender for Poser. I have been struggling with the cloth room in PP2014, trying to cobble settings that would result in optimal mesh deformation using conventional quad-based mesh, but I’m not impressed with the results, overall, ignoring the burnt-in specular which is making this hair look really ordinary:

TheBay02Notice how the skirt deforms beautifully and the top, much less so. The reason? delaunay mesh in the skirt, quad mesh in the top.

Apparently,Marvelous Designer does elegant delaunay mesh. ¬†However, at US$60/month, a personal licence is prohibitively dear, and it doesn’t allow me to make anything for sale or to give away. Purchasing a full Marvelous Designer licence is not an option, either, for obvious reasons.

US$4000? Really? I would gladly pay a reasonable amount to be able to create clothing to give away — most of what I create, I donate to the community — but at that price… not an option.

So, we’re left with shareware or freeware solutions. Blender has a Decimate modifier that will generate triangular mesh – even delaunay mesh – from quad mesh, but the settings elude me at present, as the default results are a bit ordinary (uneven mesh resolution). Will post more as new light emerges on this!


New Skirt

So, finally opened Blender today for the first time in a bit, and had another look at this corset I’d made a while ago, before I understood about vertex (poly) groups and how one can use them in Poser. Just that detail opened up massive possibilities: dynamic groups with each their own dynamic settings are now something to shoot for.

But mostly, cloth behaviour is becoming more and more interesting as I play with dynamic controls. KobaltKween suggested setting fold and sheer resistance to be the same for some cloth I was working on. Suddenly, I’m using that with impressive results.

I’ll do some renders tomorrow and post them.

An old site, a new beginning

Tightbytes has been around for a long time – well, 12 years in web times is a long time. It’s seen a few changes, a few dormant stages, and now, a new focus. yes, still Poser, but instead of shaders it’s designing dynamic cloth. I hope this is going to be a really fast-growing concept and I’ll be able to move from idea to concept in Blender, and cloth sim in Poser in a reasonable amount of time.

Wish me luck.