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Enjoy. If this is the voice of America on support of the right of everyone to have guns, then Americans need to look around for someone a teeny bit more credible.

A Call to Freedom

This, from the Free Software Foundation: “Microsoft has shelled out a mind-boggling estimated $1.8* billion to convince the public that it needs Windows 8. Why the record-breaking marketing deluge? Because a slick ad campaign is Microsoft’s best shot at hiding what Windows 8 really is; a faulty product that restricts your freedom, invades your privacy, […]

ZDNet being weird

Another post filtered for “profanity” – I defy you to find profanity in this! This article points at concepts I feel very strongly about: “Is there an unresolvable difference in ideology between those who consume and those who develop open-source and free software?” Indeed there is! The mindset of the average consumer towards free software […]

A post on ZDNet…

… where are the profanities? “”Desktops will never be touch devices because of the smudgy/sticky finger problem mentioned in the article and because nobody wants to use a computer all day where they’re having to use an outstretched arm.” We use Windows XP with touch-screen at work, doing patient-care documentation in post-operation recovery. Several of […]

Make Sense?

It’s about the people. The Constitution of the United States is about the people. And it is all consistent. So, the Second Amendment needs to be read in the context it was written in. The following is the text of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the […]