April 17 2017 I generally never invest in video tutorials, as video instruction tends to move too fast, often leaves out crucial details and is difficult to bookmark or search. So it was against better judgement that I went ahead and got the half-off Angular2 video tutorial set from Packt. In the video author’s defence, […]

A quarter of the world consumes three-quarters of the world’s resources. Three-quarters of the world consume less than one quarter of the world’s resources. I live in that first group. Members of that first group die largely because of what they puts between the lips. Suicide by knife and fork (and glass). Heart disease and […]

The apostle Paul shed a lot of light on the gospel of Jesus Christ in the New Testament book of Romans. Seeing the gospel through the lens of Paul’s letter (as explained by Dr Ford) was where the light of hope finally started to shine: The main points to take away from this talk: God […]