We grew up Adventist. To us, it was synonymous with ‘believers’, as in: ‘believers in the true God’. Our faith (we were referring to our denomination, the SDAs) had the ‘real truth’. Although I had stepped away from the organised structure that was ‘Adventism’ since living here in Australia, and had actually been no longer […]

I’ve changed themes. I liked the darker theme for a couple of straight-forward reasons: I plan on putting more and more media (pictures, video, that sort of stuff) on the site, and that sort of thing is easier to view against a dark background. But. The image at the top of the page was rendered […]

Washing pebbles and Learning Javascript-Angular2

GARDENING — FOOD Today is Sunday, a lovely autumn day in SE-Queensland by the bay. Going outside to do anything — including even pegging the washing — involves applying mozzie-spray first, but oh well: I can look at it as just another cologne, I suppose. Going to wash the clay pebbles today, and put them […]