Tightbytes as a site has gone so many directions, it must seem a bit schizophrenic to those randomly following it. And the current direction says nothing changes under the sun. Recently, I had been having a new look at Blender 3D by the Blender Foundation, mostly because of Cycles, the new real-time render-review/game render engine. […]

So, I got PP2012 last Wednesday. Installed. Did a few renders. Got BB’s skin shader and invoked that. Did this with it: Nothing but rapturous. I’m blown away by this new technology. Yes, still want to do dynamics more, but was actually able to write a script that – using a Collection() – will create […]

So, finally opened Blender today for the first time in a bit, and had another look at this corset I’d made a while ago, before I understood about vertex (poly) groups and how one can use them in Poser. Just that detail opened up massive possibilities: dynamic groups with each their own dynamic settings are […]