01. Our first bit of code

Caveat: This is how I go about problem-solving in general and programming specifically, which is probably pretty pedestrian and real programmers would have far more elegant solutions, but… it works. I’m running Excel/MS Office 2000 in Virtual Box/Windows so if some of my notes seem a bit OS-schizophrenic, this might be the reason. When I […]

00. For Us Poser Users

Let’s create something practical… for us Poser users — I’m sure others can see and apply this to something more in line with what they do. Let’s also use no-cost software. I’m going to use Libre-Office. This alternative is available for Windows as well, so you don’t have to install GNULinux … not just yet, […]

First. A caveat. I do NOT want these pages to be taken for instructional material on how to write software in Basic. I am NOT an expert – or even a passably decent programmer – in Basic. I’m a novice, well, perhaps a bit more, but certainly not anyone who could be considered a developer […]