Washing pebbles and Learning Javascript-Angular2

Washing pebbles and Learning Javascript-Angular2

Today is Sunday, a lovely autumn day in SE-Queensland by the bay. Going outside to do anything — including even pegging the washing — involves applying mozzie-spray first, but oh well: I can look at it as just another cologne, I suppose. Going to wash the clay pebbles today, and put them in containers. Still waiting for the pH and PPM meters, but there is stuff I can be doing to our existing garden, which doesn’t look all that flash:

Rang Mutti today, who is a consummate gardener, mentioned yellowing leaves, and she agrees: some nutrient is missing. Once I get those meters, I’ll make up a batch of nutrient water and see if we can’t get the basil to perk up a bit.


Getting quite excited about Angular2. I got this video course from Packt and am following it carefully. However, I think some aspects of Angular2 have already morphed — it’s still very much a growing technology — so some of the instructions sort-of don’t work. I might have to see if the author has any addendums.

So far, though, I’ve got the development environment, which includes nodejs (npm) and Atom, up and running in both Linux and on my MacBook. Mobile-based roster app, here we come!