Health, Food and Life

Just sat down tonight and decided to put together a quick video on what my “a typical day in the life” is like. When I’m driving to work, I have the privilege to be able to listen to recordings saved to a USB stick. Those forty-minute drives through mostly countryside are made far more enriching […]

May 21st - Martin in Oz

This is a bit back-to-front. This post is my first one about Martin’s stay here in Oz, and I just dropped Martin at the airport to go back home to Portland – actually, he shouted me breakfast at the airport, thanks for that, mate! – and now I’m sitting here at Nanny’s tracking his flight […]

A quarter of the world consumes three-quarters of the world’s resources. Three-quarters of the world consume less than one quarter of the world’s resources. I live in that first group. Members of that first group die largely because of what they puts between the lips. Suicide by knife and fork (and glass). Heart disease and […]