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Washing pebbles and Learning Javascript-Angular2

GARDENING — FOOD Today is Sunday, a lovely autumn day in SE-Queensland by the bay. Going outside to do anything — including even pegging the washing — involves applying mozzie-spray first, but oh well: I can look at it as just another cologne, I suppose. Going to wash the clay pebbles today, and put them […]

03. A New Environment

Where to get Stuff I’m only going to touch on GNULinux distribution choice and installation and how to do dual-boot briefly. I chose Linux Mint 13 Maya 64-bit because the interface is really very similar to what I was used to in Windows 7. I know that’s not a particularly forward-thinking reason, but I don’t […]

Limits of Excel as Data Tool People do use tools not specifically designed for the task sometimes when the best tool for the task is not available or — in my case — not entirely to be trusted. I’m sure my distrust of proprietary software is slowly becoming apparent — perhaps too much so — […]