Apps Development

April 17 2017 I generally never invest in video tutorials, as video instruction tends to move too fast, often leaves out crucial details and is difficult to bookmark or search. So it was against better judgement that I went ahead and got the half-off Angular2 video tutorial set from Packt. In the video author’s defence, […]

Washing pebbles and Learning Javascript-Angular2

GARDENING — FOOD Today is Sunday, a lovely autumn day in SE-Queensland by the bay. Going outside to do anything — including even pegging the washing — involves applying mozzie-spray first, but oh well: I can look at it as just another cologne, I suppose. Going to wash the clay pebbles today, and put them […]

03. A New Environment

Where to get Stuff I’m only going to touch on GNULinux distribution choice and installation and how to do dual-boot briefly. I chose Linux Mint 13 Maya 64-bit because the interface is really very similar to what I was used to in Windows 7. I know that’s not a particularly forward-thinking reason, but I don’t […]