I’ve changed themes. I liked the darker theme for a couple of straight-forward reasons: I plan on putting more and more media (pictures, video, that sort of stuff) on the site, and that sort of thing is easier to view against a dark background. But. The image at the top of the page was rendered […]

This, from the Free Software Foundation: “Microsoft has shelled out a mind-boggling estimated $1.8* billion to convince the public that it needs Windows 8. Why the record-breaking marketing deluge? Because a slick ad campaign is Microsoft’s best shot at hiding what Windows 8 really is; a faulty product that restricts your freedom, invades your privacy, […]

Enjoy. If that chappie holding up the sign to say he doesn’t want background checks for gun buyers is the voice of America on support of the right of seriously everyone to have guns, then Americans need to have a good look at themselves.