Video and Travel

So, the video speaks for itself: Point? Well, as mentioned in the video, anyone with a smartphone can make videos. There’s a lot one can do with in terms of sharing things around you, what’s happening, etc… younger folk seem to be making videos of just about any subject that strikes their fancy. If it’s […]

For those not on Facebook (excellent choice, I’m not fond either) I’m posting this little video I made: This is sort-of going to be the approach I’ll be taking for our travels as well. 20-30 second clips are about the limit, I should think…

Too Busy To Write... is no excuse

It’s been almost a year since my last post. Fortunately, no one appears to be following this weird little site, so I guess I’m good. I recently renewed my subscription / website and was appalled by the clever ways they try to get you to buy stuff. Oh well, they have to make a quid, […]