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Too Busy To Write... is no excuse

It’s been almost a year since my last post. Fortunately, no one appears to be following this weird little site, so I guess I’m good. I recently renewed my subscription / website and was appalled by the clever ways they try to get you to buy stuff. Oh well, they have to make a quid, […]

All Free Stuff - This OS? I like!

Those who know me know that I’ve sort-of stepped away from mainstream computer products, for the most part, and have embraced FLOSS — free/libre open-source software. Starting out as a matter of principle flavoured with disdain for proprietary software developer’s attitude towards the end user — I’m looking at you, Mercalli! — I’ve found that […]

My experience with trying to get really good video quality has pretty much made this apparent: make it as stable as you can when you shoot it. Shaky video is going to have issues even after you ‘stabilise’ it, because there’s some things you simply can’t fix yet with software. One of these issues is ‘rolling […]