Video and Travel

For those not on Facebook (excellent choice, I’m not fond either) I’m posting this little video I made: This is sort-of going to be the approach I’ll be taking for our travels as well. 20-30 second clips are about the limit, I should think…

Too Busy To Write... is no excuse

It’s been almost a year since my last post. Fortunately, no one appears to be following this weird little site, so I guess I’m good. I recently renewed my subscription / website and was appalled by the clever ways they try to get you to buy stuff. Oh well, they have to make a quid, […]

All Free Stuff - This OS? I like!

Those who know me know that I’ve sort-of stepped away from mainstream computer products, for the most part, and have embraced FLOSS — free/libre open-source software. Starting out as a matter of principle flavoured with disdain for proprietary software developer’s attitude towards the end user — I’m looking at you, Mercalli! — I’ve found that […]